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Aled has been designing and making furniture for over 40 years. 

He grew up on his family's farm in Wales, studied furniture making at Rycotewood College in Oxford and after graduating, began his career restoring antique furniture. Later, he worked for furniture makers and designers, including Archie Shine and Robert Heritage, working in the United States and South Africa before returning to the UK. For the next 18 years Aled ran a busy workshop employing a small team of craftsmen designing and making high quality furniture for private, corporate and academic institutions.

In 2001 Aled established a new business in Oxford, UK. He focused on his own designs, exploring new ideas and building on a foundation of a refined design aesthetic. This venture attracted clients willing to trust his skills and expertise to build quality pieces of furniture, whether one of a kind or limited batch productions.

Four years later Aled was approached by the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine, USA, to join the faculty as a visiting instructor for the Nine-month Comprehensive Program. In 2009 Aled became the program's lead instructor. Over the following decade, Aled, together with a team of skilled co-instructors directed a world class program for aspiring furniture makers and the high standard, quality and breadth of student work has become the benchmark by which others are judged. Aled is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Freeman on the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers. He exhibits work in London and New York and his furniture is in private collections in both the UK and USA.


there is no job title that accurately describes my profession, The one I use most is designer/maker, it combines the two very different but complimentary skill sets that come together when crafting individual items of furniture: the practical and the creative. Making ideas real, fashioning an item that is at the same time functional and aesthetically pleasing, this is what I do.” Aled Lewis

Aled produces work that spans a wide range of designs and styles. What ever the the project, whether commission, speculative work or a project in collaboration with architects and designers, the starting point is always the design brief, the What? and the Why?

Through sketches, drawings and models, Aled will develop the design vocabulary. For each project he aims for logical, practical and elegant solutions. The technical resolutions are appropriate based on a thorough understanding of the materials and construction. Attention to detail is paramount: the selection of the finest timber, most suitable complimentary materials and the best manufacturing techniques guarantee a product at the highest standards.


Aled has been fortunate to work on many different and exciting projects for a variety of clients, from private collectors to large corporate and academic institutions.

Client list includes:

  • Arlington Conservation, London, UK

  • Christ Church College, Oxford, UK

  • Christie's Auctioneers, London, UK

  • Clarke's Restaurant, London, UK

  • Convent of Mercy, Midhurst, UK

  • Exeter College, Oxford, UK

  • FCP Architects, London, UK

  • First Church, St Giles, Oxford, UK

  • Hazlitt Gooden and Fox, London, UK

  • Hazlitt Gooden and Fox, New York, USA

  • Raging Capital Management, Princeton, NY, USA

  • Vanilla, Oxford, UK

  • Westquay, Southampton, UK

  • Wilkinson Eyre Architects, London, UK

Client comments:

“Being the first time I have had furniture both designed and made I confess to have been somewhat anxious with the transformation from drawing board to site, but the result is tremendous! I hope you are as satisfied as I am.” Oxfordshire, UK

“Your pieces arrived today, and they look great. Idris in particular is such a welcome addition, since it also serves such a useful function. I'm so glad to have made your acquaintance, my home is so much richer for it... Once again, my most heartfelt thanks.” South Carolina, USA